Calculus Trainings

In the first year of a technical study you will be confronted with the Calculus course. This course covers the basis of analytical mathematics and is experienced by many as difficult. The scientific way of thinking and noting stands in the way of many students to immediately pass this course. And that is annoying, because in the first years of your studies, the mathematics courses pile up. We are increasingly asked whether we can guide students in this.

In the meantime we have guided many students at various universities in the Calculus course. Because this guidance takes place online in principle, distance is not a problem. Because every university and every study has its own Calculus program, a plan of action is drawn up in advance, based on the curriculum of the study program. From there we look at the possibilities. We have now set up a special group training for the students from Enschede.

If you want personal guidance with the Calculus course, please contact us.

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